Martial Arts Studies Program

Major Requirements:
MARTS 212 The History of Martial Arts
MARTS 213 Martial Arts and East Asian Thought
MARTS 261 Psychosocial Aspects of Martial Arts
MARTS 245 Martial Arts School Development
MARTS 299 The Dao of Business
MARTS 300 Martial Arts and Research Methods
WREL 205 Buddhism
WREL 229 Confucianism & Taoism
MARTS 278 Survey of the Martial Arts
MARTS 311 Communication and the Martial Arts
MARTS 312 Image and Reality in the Martial Arts
MARTS 330 Internship
MARTS 340 Senior Thesis/Presentation

Practica (Choose from one of the following foundation):

Tae Kwon Do Track:
MARTS 235 Issues in Taekwondo
MARTS 117 Self-Defense
MARTS 110 Taekwondo I
MARTS 244 Taekwondo II
MARTS 325 Taekwondo III

Japanese Martial Arts Track:
MARTS 260 Issues in Japanese Martial Arts
MARTS 131 Judo
MARTS 134 Karate
MARTS 143 Kobudo Practica
MARTS 299 Kata/Kumite Conditioning

Taiji Track:
MARTS 270 Issues in Chinese Martial Arts
MARTS 121 Taiji Practica
MARTS 299 Qigong Training

(Additional tracks to be offered soon)

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