Christopher AngleProf. Angle trained in judo in Tokyo and received his 6th Degree Rank Certification from the U.S. Judo Federation & Kodokan Institute of Judo. (The Kodokan Institute of Judo of Japan is the origin of judo, and as such, the Kodokan Rank Certificate is recognized as the most prestigious. The Kodokan 6th Degree is a coaching designation and is rarely bestowed.) Academically, Prof. Angle did his undergraduate work at the University of Michigan and his post-graduate at the Japan Missionary (now ICU of Tokyo, Japan) in Japanese language & culture. Prof. Angle is the author of four books on philosophy:

The Nature of Aesthetics – ISBN: 978 0966 1126 41
Defining Ethics Good & Evil – ISBN: 978 0966 1126 58
Truth & The Nature of Decisions – ISBN: 978 0966 112665

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