University of Bridgeport Advertising Concentration

The Advertising concentration is designed for students who wish to assist clients in “telling the story” of the goods and services that they offer and in branding products and initiatives. Students in the Advertising Concentration are encouraged to include Marketing classes from the School of Business and Design Classes from the University’s award-winning design program in their course selection while at UB. Students also have the advantage of studying with professors who continue to work in advertising and publicity campaigns such as Professor Susan Katz who has worked to develop advertising campaigns for a number of Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Pepperidge Farms, and Deloitte & Touche. She has also worked with numerous figures in the Entertainment Industry and has been a consultant for a number of state and national level politicians in fine-tuning campaign messages and radio and print advertising.

Completion of the concentration in Advertising within the Mass Comm major requires students to take the following classes:

Summary of Requirements

Mass Communication Core

MCOM 110 Public Communication 3
MCOM 111 Introduction to Mass Communication 3
MCOM 211 Communication Theory 3
MCOM 395 Senior Seminar in Mass Communication 3


MCOM 220 Introduction to Advertising 3
Take FOUR courses from the following:
MCOM 323 Advertising Copywriting 3
MCOM 330 Advertising Media Planning 3
MCOM 339 Advertising and PR Campaigns 3
MCOM 201 Persuasive Communication 3
MCOM 270 Public Relations 3
MCOM 396 Portfolio 3

Mass Communication Electives 9
Free Electives 36
Foreign Language 6
Free Electives 36
General Education 40-42

Total 120


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