University of Bridgeport International Communication

The University of Bridgeport is recognized as one of the most International Universities in the United States. The Mass Communications program has benefited from the unique UB setting to create a concentration in International Communication. Professor Yanmin Yu has been the recipient of three Fulbrights and her academic area of specialization is Intercultural Communication.

Students who choose this concentration may work in the future in the communications department of an international organization, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with an international presence or with an international bank or a transnational corporation.

Students in this concentration are encouraged to develop a working competency in at least one world language besides English and to choose from a wide array of courses in the International Program that will help students to develop an appreciation of the social, religious and cultural underpinnings of society.

Students may also wish to specialize in the study of a language, and the cultural underpinnings and institutions of governance in one of the following regions of the world: Latin America, Asia, Europe or the Middle East. Students may also choose to minor in a field such as International Political Economy and Diplomacy, International Business, Criminal Justice and Human Security, World Religions, or pursue a graduate certificate in Global Development and Peace.

Completion of the concentration in International Communication within the Mass Comm major requires students to take the following classes:

Summary of Requirements



MCom 110 Public Communication 3*
MCom 111 Introduction to Mass Communication 3
MCom 211 Communication Theory 3
MCom 395 Senior Seminar in Mass Communication 3

Concentration in International Communication

MCOM 290 Intercultural Communication 3

(Plus any four of the following courses)

MCOM 284 Business and Professional Communication 3
Soc 231 Cultural Anthropology 3
P.S. 206 Pol. Eco. of North/South Relations 3
P.S. 204 Government and Politics Abroad 3
P.S. 305 International Relations 3
P.S. 207 World Politics 3
P.S. 312 Diplomacy & Foreign Policy 3
P.S. 209 Intro to United Nations Studies 3
WREL 275 Religion, Conflict and Mediation 3
WREL 305 Comparative Religious Ethics 3
WREL 374 Religion and Politics in the Middle East 3
WREL 348 Religion and Society 3
WREL 288 Internet Religion 3

FREE ELECTIVES______________________________36
FOREIGN LANGUAGE ____________________________6
GENERAL EDUCATION____________________________40-42


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