University of Bridgeport Public Relations Concentration

The Public Relations concentration prepares graduates with the skills needed to represent and articulate the position of a client in a way that is understandable and even compelling. Public Relations practitioners can take complicated and make them understandable to the general public or to a targeted audience. Creativity as well as strong oral and written communication skills are essential. Public Relations specialists possess the ability to understand the disposition and the expectations of a targeted audience. They learn to empathize with it and respond to it. Public Relations specialists find employment opportunities in the corporate sector, in government agencies, in public relations firms and in not-for profits.

Completion of the Public Relations concentration within the Mass Communication major requires students to take the following Journalism classes:

Summary of Requirements

Mass Communication Core

MCOM 110 Public Communication 3
MCOM 111 Introduction to Mass Communication 3
MCOM 211 Communication Theory 3
MCOM 395 Senior Seminar in Mass Communication 3

Public Relations

MCOM 270 Public Relations 3
Take FOUR courses from the following:
MCOM 201 Persuasive Communication 3
MCOM 346 Media Management 3
MCOM 384 Organizational Communication 3
MCOM 339 Advertising and PR Campaigns 3
MCOM 370 Publicity Methods 3
Mass Communication Electives 12
Free Electives 36
Foreign Language 6
Free Electives 36
General Education 40-42

Total 120



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