Music Performance Concentration - Student performing recital at UB

The Music Performance concentration allows students to deepen their skills as a solo and ensemble performer working in one or more genres.

Due to the diversity of the music profession, we encourage students to develop a broad musicianship, including proficiency in more than one genre. Skill, professionalism, flexibility, and creativity are stressed. Performance candidates give a senior recital as the cumulating experience. Exact courses are tailored by advisement to the student’s strengths, interests, and career plans.

  • Private lessons on the major instrument in each subsequent semester of residence.
  • Performing in one or more ensembles in each subsequent semester of residence.
  • Piano Skills: MUSC 256: Fundamentals of Piano II (3 cr.) or APM 100 (1 or 2 cr.)
  • MUSC 414: The Business of Music
  • Development of secondary instrument skills (MSED 320-326, or APM 100) as appropriate.
  • Improvisation: MUSC 208A & B: Jazz Improvisation & Repertoire I & II (3 cr. each)
  • Technology: MUSC 137-138.
  • Songwriting: MUSC 213-214.
  • Technical Theater: THA 115 & 120: Stagecraft I & II
  • Additional coursework in music performance, theater, business, or mass communication, as appropriate.



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