UB Bachelor of Music Performance
Jing Zhang ’16, Bachelor of Music Recital Performance - Voice

Congratulations on beginning to plan your senior music recital!

Senior recitals can be solo, or two people can share a recital! In order to prepare for your recital, you need to do two things:

  • Select three possible performance dates, and submit for approval
  • Plan the program
  • Secure personnel for your performance

Schedule Your Recital

To be completed at least three months in advance of your performance

Senior recitals take place in Littlefield Recital Hall (seats 180), which is a space designed for live, mainly acoustic, music. In very rare cases, students with complex technical needs may be allowed to perform their recital in Mertens Theater, with permission from the Director of the Music Program, the Director of Audio-Visual Services, and the Director of Special Events. Mertens Theater (seats 935) is generally reserved for events attracting 250 people or more, and the University does not have staff or budget to provide technical staff for student recitals. Both venues are extremely busy, especially in the spring semester. So, plan the date at least four months in advance.

Submit Your Recital Date Choices

Create Your Performance Program

To be finalized four to six weeks before your recital

You should begin working with your applied music teacher(s) to plan your program in the spring semester of your junior year, finalizing it at the beginning of the semester in which the recital takes place. Talk with your teacher(s) about what sorts of pieces are appropriate and best showcase your growth, how and when you should speak to your audience, and about pacing, movement, and the visual aspects of performing.

Senior recitals could consist of at least 30 minutes of music with no intermission (resulting in a 40 minute or so program). Senior recitals should never be longer than 90 minutes, including transitions and pauses/intermissions. When you and your teacher have a final draft of your program, submit your Program Request for approval by your teacher and the full-time faculty.

The Music Program office has copies of past programs, and one simple template you can use to create your own program. The secretary will duplicate your (black and white) program for you if a complete, copy-ready original is received one week in advance. In addition to your name, the date and time, the venue, and the list of performers, the program should indicate that you are “from the studio(s) of (applied music teacher)” and should read “In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Bachelor of Music.” Voice students should compile translations of non-English texts, and all students are welcome to write program notes. Faculty are happy to help you edit or refine your printed program. Duplication of posters for your recital is your responsibility. Please proofread, and have someone else do so, too.

Submit Your Program Proposal

Organize Your Personnel

UB Music students have a long tradition of eagerly performing on one another’s recitals. Get commitments (including an appropriate number of dress rehearsals) from your colleagues early. If you require piano accompaniment, it is your responsibility to hire (and compensate) a suitable accompanist. The UB Music Program office has a list of area professionals who have worked with UB students and faculty in the past. Treat your accompanist as you would want to be treated on a professional gig, and remember that their time is valuable. A work study student will be scheduled, if possible, to assist you on your recital day.


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