Psychology Degree Program Students at the University of Bridgeport

Build a Solid Foundation for a Future in Psychology, Counseling, or Mental Health

With an undergraduate degree in Psychology, you will be equipped for success in a wide array of professional settings including case management, advocacy, clinical and experimental/neuroscience research, counseling, and business. Psychology is one of the most popular undergraduate degrees today, given the wide range of career outcomes available. The Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree program at the University of Bridgeport will give you the knowledge-base, mentorship, and skill sets needed for a successful career in fields related to human thought, behavior, and cognition.

How can UB help me reach my career goals?

Preparation for Future Studies

Many of our Psychology degree program graduates go on to pursue a master’s degree.  The University of Bridgeport offers a variety of programs that allow you to easily continue your studies in UB’s School of Arts and Sciences, as well as in UB’s School of Education and College of Public and International Affiars. Popular selections include the following degrees:

The Psychology (B.S.) degree program will also prepare you for graduate studies at the masters and doctoral level in Social Work, Industrial Organizational Psychology, Human Resources Management, and terminal degrees in Clinical Psychology and Family Therapy.

Career Assistance

UB’s Center for Career Development helps graduates prepare for entrance into the workforce. Our comprehensive career counseling and resource center is dedicated to helping you become active participants in your own academic, professional, and career development.

Services provided include basics like resume and cover letter building, interview preparation, and negotiation as well as goal assessment and personal branding.

What's UBJobnet?

UBjobnet is UB’s internal job portal–open only to UB students and alumni! Here, you can access a variety of opportunities posted by local and national employers. Search for jobs/internships, submit your resume online, register for career related events, or all of the above.

To access UBjobnet:

  • Login to the myUB Portal
  • Click on the “Quick Links” box on the right side to navigate to UBjobnet
  • Find the resources that suit your needs:
    • Job Search: Find full-time, part-time, internship, student employment and volunteer opportunities
    • Email me new jobs: Set up job alerts by clicking “Email me new jobs” located above your search results. Use specific keywords to help tailor your emails to match your interests
    • Career Events: Register for and learn about more upcoming events
    • Employer Directory: Find and research companies related to your desired field
  • Upload your updated resume and cover letters to UBjobnet to be able to easily apply to posted positions through the system
  • Update your major, GPA, and graduation year in your profile to receive information on jobs and events related to your field


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