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Students interested in political science have the option of pursuing the B.A. in International Political Economy & Diplomacy or the B.A. in Social Science/Political Science Track. Political Economy and Diplomacy represent two of the important areas of concentration within Political Science. The B.A. in International Political Economy & Diplomacy is especially designed for students interested in working in areas such as the foreign service, with an international organization or with a non-governmental organization (NGO). The B.A. in Social Science/Political Science track has a more general focus and students may easily transfer between either of the majors during the first two years of study in the College of Public and International Affairs.

Advisor: Dr. Steve Hess
Phone: 203-576-4209


Program Requirements

Students choosing the Political Science Track within the B.A. in Social Science may take up to one third of their courses in Political Science. They are required to take a minimum of 24 credits in political science which include the six semesters hours needed to fulfill the B.A. in Social Science requirement as well as 18 semester hours towards the concentration.

The specific requirements for the B.A. in Social Science/Political Science track are as follows:

Group I

Economics 6
History 6
Psychology 6
Sociology 6


Group II

SOSC 395 Thesis 3
SOSC 300 Methods Seminar 3
Total Major Semester Hrs 36


Concentration in Political Science (18 Semester Hours from the following)

PSCI 101 American Government 3
PSCI 103 Intro to Political Science and Political Science Research Methods 3
PSCI 204 Government and Politics Abroad 3
PSCI 206 Political Economy of North South Relations 3
PSCI 207 World Politics 3 3
SOSC 207 World Regional Geography 3
PSCI 209 Introduction to United Nations Studies 3
PSCI 305 International Relations 3

Additional PSCI courses may be approved by the Political Science advisor

Free Electives

12 Total Credits

Foreign Language

12 Total Credits


General Education Requirements

FYS 101 First Year Seminar 3
ENGL 101 Composition & Rhetoric 3
MATH 105 Intermediate Algebra 3
Humanities (HU) 6
Natural Science (NS) 6
Social Science (SS) 6
Fine Arts (FA) 3
CAPS 390 Capstone Seminar 3
Liberal Arts Electives 9
Total Semester Hrs 120



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