University of Bridgeport Sociology Concentration

The Social Science/Sociology track provides an excellent comprehensive introduction to the social sciences and to social science methods. It offers entering students the possibility to explore the various social sciences before opting for a particular focus.

Some Students in this program elect to do a second major in Mass Communication, Martial Arts Studies, World Religions, Literature & Civilization or International Political Economy & Diplomacy (IPED). The major in Social Science provides students with a liberal arts experience from the perspective of the social sciences. Careers that students pursue after graduating from this major include employment in government, the foreign service, international agencies or businesses, law, teaching or community service. Five optional concentrations are available in history, international studies, political science, psychology, and sociology. Some examples of required courses are American History, Roots of Modern Culture, UN Studies, Social Inequality, and World Regional Geography.

The Social Sciences major is designed to provide students with a liberal arts experience from the perspective of the social sciences. It is innovative both in its interdisciplinary approach to subject matter and the options it offers students to pursue their goals, whether in graduate school or government or the foreign service, in international agencies or business, in the law, teaching or community service. In addition to completing the major (i.e. meeting the requirements indicated in Groups I & II), students may choose to add (i) concentrations in History, International Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, or (ii) minors in career-related areas such as International Business, Finance, Human Services, and Education. Career opportunities traditionally available to liberal arts students are much enhanced by the flexibility the Social Science major permits. In its interdisciplinary approach, its emphasis on breadth as well as depth of learning, and its focus on practical skills, the Social Science major prepares students for success in their careers, for leadership roles in their communities and the world, and for self-fulfillment.

Chair: Dr. Beth Skott
Phone: 203-576-4966

Summary of Requirements

Group I
Economics 6
History 6
Political Science 6
Psychology 6
Sociology 6
Group II
SoSc 395 Thesis 3
SoSc 300 Methods Seminar 3
Total Major Semester Hrs: 36


Optional concentrations in the Social Sciences

(Each concentration requires 12 credits of specialized study in addition to the major requirements):

Concentration in History
Hist 207 American History I or 3
Hist 208 American History II
Hist 233 Roots of Modern Culture 3
History Electives 6

Total 12


Concentration in International Studies
PS 209 UN Studies 3
PS 207 World Politics 3
SoSc 207 World Regional Geography 3
Phil 216 World Religions 3

Total 12


Concentration in Political Science
PS 204 Government and Politics Abroad 3
PS 207 World Politics 3
SoSc 207 World Regional Geography 3
PS 323 Classics in Political Theory or 3
PS 324 Recent Political Theory

Total 12


Concentration in Psychology
Psyc 303 Psychology of Personality 3
Psyc 304 Abnormal Psychology 3
Psyc 305 Social Psychology 3
Psyc 201 Human Growth & Development I or 3
Psyc 202 Human Growth & Development II

Total 12


Concentration in Sociology
Soc 231 Cultural Anthropology 3
Soc 204 Marriage & Family 3
Soc 315 Criminology 3
Soc 333 Social Inequality 3

Total 12


Free Electives 12
Foreign Language 12



Engl C101 Composition & Rhetoric 3
Math C105 Intermediate Algebra or 3
Math C108 Ideas of Mathematics
Hum C201/202 Humanities I & II 6
Sci C101/C102 or Natural Sciences 6
Sci C201
SoSc C201/C202 Social Sciences I & II 6
FA C101 Fine Arts 3
IntSt C101 Integrated Studies/Oral Communication 3
Caps C390 Capstone Seminar 3
Liberal Arts Electives 9

Total Semester Hrs: 120


Suggested Program

Engl C101 Composition & Rhetoric 3
Hum C201 Humanities I 3
Foreign Language 101 3
Math C105 Intermediate Algebra 3
History (Group I) 3

Hum C202 Humanities II 3
Foreign Language 102 3
Psychology (Group I) 3
FA C101 Fine Arts 3
Political Science (Group I) 3

SoSc C201 Social Science I 3
Foreign Language 103 3
Sociology (Group I) 3
Economics (Group I) 3
Political Science (Group I) 3

SoSc C202 Social Science II 3
Foreign Language 104 3
Economics (Group I) 3
History (Group I) 3
Elective 3

Sci C101 Natural Science Core 3
Sociology (Group I) 3
Psychology (Group I) 3
Concentration 1, or Elective 3
Liberal Arts Elective 3

Sci C102 Natural Science Core 3
SoSc 300 Seminar in Methods 3
Concentration 2 & 3, or Electives 6
Liberal Arts Elective 3

IntSt C101 Integrated Studies/Oral Comm 3
SoSc 395 Thesis 3
Concentration 4, or Elective 3
Free Elective 3
Liberal Arts Elective 3

Caps 390 Capstone Seminar 3
Free Electives 12



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