All International applicants are required by USCIS to submit appropriate evidence of their ability to finance their education, especially during the first year of study.

The University of Bridgeport will issue the Certificate of Eligibility (Form I-20) once the applicant is offered admission and shows adequate financial ability.

The Financial Documents Required for I-20 Issuance

1. An original or color-scanned bank statement

Applicants should submit an original or color-scanned bank statement showing readily accessible, liquid assets. The bank statement must be in English, on official bank letterhead, contain an account number, the amount of money available in U.S. or foreign currency, and MUST be signed and dated by a bank official no more than six months prior to the date you are applying on. The sponsor(s) name(s) must also be mentioned on the bank statement.

2. The Financial Statement for International Students (FSIS) form

If the funds are not in the applicant’s name, the account holder must complete and sign the Financial Statement for International Students (FSIS).

Download the FSIS Form

3. Government or company sponsored students

Government or company-sponsored students must submit an official letter from their sponsoring agency indicating which costs (tuition, fees, health insurance, room, board, etc.) will be provided, which program they are sponsoring the applicant for, and the date the sponsor will be covering from.

To receive your I-20 form without delay, be sure to send these documents along with your application form.


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