The two (2) scholarship recipients will spend 2 weeks in Shenyang at the Liaoning University of TCM participating in hospital rounds at several LNUTCM clinical sites. The scholarship includes the cost of travel including airfare, hotel accommodations and a daily allowance for food and local travel, as well as the opportunity to study clinical Chinese Medicine at this prestigious TCM University in China.

Students observe traditional practitioners of acupuncture and receive practical training in hospital-based TCM therapies.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) was born within the milieu of Chinese culture, including Confucianism and Taoism.  Studying in China, students are able to better understand how the Chinese culture has influenced TCM.

Acupuncture practitioners who study in China often say “Participating in a study of the medicine in China is life-changing, thrilling, and immensely rewarding.”

The two-week long study abroad program provides students with advanced clinical training in TCM differential diagnosis and treatment skills. Students work in a hospital in-patient setting. Because TCM is practiced in Chinese hospitals as a primary care medical system, students see a large volume of patients and a wide variety of conditions they might not be able to see with clinical training in the US.  This is a tremendous opportunity to hone clinical skills and observe TCM being practiced as primary care for a wide diversity of conditions.


  1. Graduating from the Acupuncture Institute in the calendar year of the scholarship award.
  2. Cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher in the Acupuncture Institute
  3. Demonstrated clinical knowledge and skills through being in the top 20% of those graduates based upon combined clinical evaluation rubric scores and clinic exit exam scores (combined).  Applicants must show they will have completed no less than 300-hours of UBAI clinical rotations prior to travel to China.
  4. Demonstrated scholarship in the field of acupuncture:  having completed (or published) an evidence-based review of a treatment strategy, AOM therapy, or point use/function.
  5. Demonstrated professionalism in the UBAI outreach clinics (Sound Shore Medical Center or School Sisters of Notre Dame)

Deadline for applications is March 1 of each year.  Announcement of the recipient of the scholarship will be made during the annual UBAI meeting/luncheon in April.

Contact UBAI Director Jennifer Brett at  for more information.

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