Add/Drop Fee

Students may add or drop courses without incurring fees until the day the term begins. After this date, the official Program Change period begins and a charge is imposed for every program change made.

Activity Fee

The Activity Fee is assessed to graduate students to support a variety of services and activities that support students outside the classroom such as lectures, exhibits, and other resources geared at broadening the scope of the student’s learning experience.

Graduation Fee

The Graduation Fee covers the cost of auditing the student’s record and maintenance of that student record so as to be able to provide transcripts and verification of degree completed with the University.

Health Insurance

All Resident, International, and Full time Undergraduate students are automatically enrolled and charged for the University sponsored health insurance. Enrollment can be waived online and the charge will be removed upon providing the University Health Insurance Agent with a copy of a current Insurance card by the posted waiver deadline.

International Fee

All international students are assessed an international fee to cover the cost of processing necessary documents to study and work in the United States, provide staff services, and programs specific to our international study body.

Late Registration

Students who do not register during the official registration period have the opportunity to register late (at the start of the term). Continuing students who register late will be charged a late registration fee. New Students who register late are not charged a late registration fee.

Orientation Fee

New Students are assessed an orientation fee to cover the cost of programs and materials made available to our new students to help them acclimate into the University of Bridgeport and their respective program of study.

Program Fee

Program fees are assessed to specific academic programs to support additional resources used in the course materials and instruction for that particular area of study.

General Fee

General fees are assessed to cover costs which support student services not covered by tuition such as library services, online library access, computer technology, computer labs, and on-campus accident liability insurance.

Student Government Fee

The Student Government Fee is assessed to students to support student clubs and organizations, artists and entertainment for the campus, intercollegiate athletics, and additional services that support students outside the classroom.

Technology Fee

Technology Fee ensures students have access to the latest instructional technology resources available. Revenue generated from the technology fee goes directly towards funding instructional technology initiatives that are focused on enhancing the student learning experience.

Wellness Fee

The Wellness Fee supports student services aimed at the treatment and maintenance of individual health and well being. This includes incidental fees at the University health care unit, counseling services, and use of the fitness center. It also includes wellness programs offered to students throughout the year such as yoga and aerobics.

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