Application Fees (one-time) Varies by Program

Non-Refundable Deposits

All Undergraduate Programs (first semester only) $200
All Non-Health Sciences Graduate Programs
(first semester only)
Health Sciences Deposit (first semester only) Varies by Program
International Graduate Student Tuition Deposit $200
Room Deposit (yearly) $200

Health Insurance

Health Insurance Fall (Annual) $1,600
Health Insurance Spring (New Students Only) $920
Health Insurance Summer Only $400

Lab, Course, and Program Fees (charged for specific programs, classes, or labs)

Laboratory and Studio $95
Martial Arts Lab $50
Applied Music Fee
(half-hour private lesson, per credit hour)
Course Fees
FM101, FM108, FM270, FM303, FM304, FM305, FM308 $50
IPED-299-4W1 $500
MATH 103 $160
MATH 105 (per credit) $25
MCOM Lab Fee $50
MGMT-321 $500
MKTG-350 $500
NURS-328-11HY $850
RET203, RET205, RET206, RET213, RET307 $50
Program Fees
Computer Engineering $475
Computer Science $475
Electrical Engineering $475
Mechanical Engineering $475


Add/Drop/Withdrawal (per transaction) $35
Attested Diploma and Transcripts $5
Co-Op (1 tuition credit and registration fee) per program
Course Auditing (per credit) $330
Course Waiver by Exam (per credit hour) $85
Graduation Fee (non-refundable) $150
International CPT Fee (depending on major) one credit hour
International OPT Fee $200
International OPT STEM Extension Fee $200
International Student Fee $50
Late Payment Fee (Assessed two weeks after the first day of class and every 30 days thereafter) $75
Late Registration Fee (applied first day of the term) $180
Lost ID Replacement (per occurrence) $30
PAL Deposit $150
PAL Replacement (per occurrence) $75
Returned Check Charge (per occurrence) $50
Official Transcript $5


  • Student Financial Services
    126 Park Avenue
    Bridgeport, CT 06604

  • (203) 576-4568


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