Do you have First-Year-Only residence halls?

No. First year students are housed, alongside returning students, Barnum, Bodine, Chaffee, Cooper and Seeley. First year students are clustered throughout the residence halls, in areas on every floor. Every effort is made to provide room assignments in which first year students are roommates.

Are the student residences co-ed or single-sex?

All residence halls are co-ed, either by wing or floor.

What amenities are provided in the room?

Each resident is provided a desk, chair, bed, XL mattress, closet and dresser space. In addition, all rooms include a microfridge (minifridge, freezer and microwave unit), cable access (students must provide their own cable cord), WiFi connection, and direct internet connection (students must provide their own Ethernet cord).

What about laundry facilities?

Each residence hall is equipped with laundry machines which are located either in one central laundry room in the residence hall or as separate units on each floor. There is no charge to do laundry in the residence halls.

What size linens are needed for the beds?

We recommend that resident students purchase extra-long sheets as many of the mattresses in the residence halls are extra-long in length. For added comfort, many students prefer to bring an egg-cushion mattress pad with them. We encourage residential students to purchase linens through the Residence Hall Linens Program so they can enjoy cost savings and the benefit of having their linens waiting for them at their residence hall upon move in.

Can we bunk the beds in our room?

If your room is equipped with bunkable bed frames students may request the Facilities Department to bunk beds by speaking with their hall director. Bed lifts are NOT allowed for safety reasons unless they are of an approved style. Additionally, no furniture may be moved from one room to another.

Am I able to request my residence hall and roommate?

First Year Students are given the opportunity to select from available rooms and request a roommate as part of the Summer Orientation program each summer. While the Office of Housing, Residential Life and Community Standards will make every effort to match roommates by preferences stated in their housing contract we do not guarantee all requests will be possible. Since the university celebrates diversity the Office of Housing, Residential Life and Community Standards does not make any room assignment based on race, creed, religion, national origin, language or any other difference. Students may seek a change in roommates after the second week of classes but before October 1 (fall semester) or March 1 (spring semester).

When will I find out my room assignment?

Students will be able to access their official room assignment and roommate information around the beginning of August through the WebAdvisor system at the university. Students will receive formal notification through their UB Email Address when they may access housing information online. This assignment is subject to change due to extenuating circumstances; however, in these cases the Office of Housing, Residential Life and Community Standards will attempt to individually notify students if this occurs. We recommend that students contact their roommate(s) after receiving their housing assignment to introduce themselves and determine who will bring what items, in particular those that will be shared (e.g., television, rug).

What if I don’t get along with my roommate?

Like any relationship, roommate relationships take time to build based on communication and consideration and it may take several weeks for roommates to create a positive rapport. Resident Assistants and Community Assistants are trained to help facilitate this process and can help students have important conversations with their roommates. Room changes are not permitted during the first two weeks of the semester to allow roommates enough time to establish a working relationship. During the third week of the semester students can request to change rooms as part of the Room Change Process.

What is my mailing address?

Each resident will be assigned a mailbox in his or her residence hall. Mail is received, sorted and placed in mailboxes daily (Monday – Friday). Packages and any mail piece too large to fit in your mail box will be held in the Mail Center, located in Mandeville Hall. The Mail Center notifies students, via email, that they have a package. Please be sure to bring your UB ID with you when retrieving items from the Mail Center. Mail and packages will not be released without valid picture ID. When students leave for summer vacation, they must file their forwarding address with the Mail Center to receive their first-class mail. If no forwarding address is on file, first-class mail will be “returned-to sender.” All other mail will not be forwarded due to U.S. Postal regulations and will be discarded. Residents must also inform the Mail Center when they move from one hall community to another. Mail not picked up within thirty (30) days will be deemed abandoned and may be destroyed. The University will not sign for and accept delivery of cash on delivery (C.O.D.) packages. Students must be present with payment at time of delivery.
All mail should be addressed to students in the following manner:
Student Name
University of Bridgeport
Residence Hall Name
Residence Hall Street Address
Bridgeport, CT 06604

Do I need to be on a meal plan?

Students living in Barnum, Bodine, Cooper, Chaffee, Seeley, or in double rooms in University Hall, are required to be on a meal plan. Residents living in University Place Apartments, Suites in University Hall or the Health Science Living Community are not required to be on a meal plan; however, they may request for one. For more information on the meal plans offered please visit the Dining Options portion of our website.

Do people stay on campus during the weekends?

Absolutely! UB is a place where students can stay and relax on campus during the weekends. The Student Government Association (SGA), Student Programming Board (SPB), Office of Campus Activities and Community Services, Office of Housing, Residential Life and Community Standards, Athletics Department and the many student clubs and organizations are always offering events/activities for students every day of the week!

How are the buildings secured?

All exterior doors of the residence halls are locked 24 hours a day. Students have access to their residence hall with their UB ID card. Each front desk is staffed 24/7 with either specially trained student staff known as Guest Relations Associates or members of Campus Security. Additionally, each of the residence halls are monitored 24/7 through closed circuit cameras in public areas of the residence halls and the surrounding grounds.
Of course, no matter how secure we strive to make the residence halls the best thing you, as a resident can do to help, is be proactive and responsible with your own safety and the safety of all those in your residence hall. NEVER let anyone borrow your ID Card or room key. NEVER let someone you do not know into the residence hall. NEVER sign in someone you do not know. ALWAYS let a staff member know when something is wrong or concerning.

What is the smoking policy in the student residences?

Pursuant to State law and University tobacco policy, smoking – including using e-cigarettes – is prohibited in the residence halls. Students wishing to smoke must do so outside and are required to be a reasonable distance (20 feet) away from the building to prevent smoke from entering the hall or rooms through open windows or doors. Chewing tobacco is also prohibited on university property.

What are “quiet hours”?

Quiet hours periods of time each day that are established to create an environment conducive to sleeping and studying within the residence halls. Quiet hours are 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. Sunday-Thursday, and 11:00pm to 10 a.m. on Friday-Saturday. During finals week, Quiet Hours are extended to a 24 hour basis to encourage studying and promote academic success. Additionally, even when not during Quiet Hours, residents are expected to be considerate of their peers, helping to keep a comfortable environment in their residence hall and help keep noise from the room from entering the hallway and disturbing other students.

What do I do if I lose my key?

To ensure the safety of all residents in the room, residents who have lost a key MUST report it to a staff member immediately so a lock change may be completed. The student’s account will be charged $100 for the lock change, and all occupants of the room will receive new keys.

What appliances can I bring to campus?

Please check the list of “What To Bring” for suggested as well as prohibited items.

Is there storage space available?

The Office of Housing, Residential Life and Community Standards does not provide storage space for student belongings. Students must store all their belongings in their room and all furniture provided by the University must remain in the room. Therefore, students should plan on bringing only what is necessary. If a student is returning to the same room in the spring semester that s/he lived in during the fall semester than s/he may leave his/her belongings in the room over the winter break; however, if the student is not returning to live on campus or is moving to another residence hall/room for the spring semester then all belongings must be removed prior to the end of the fall semester. Students living on campus for the fall semester, but not registered for the spring term before the end of the fall semester must remove all belongings from the residence hall prior to leaving for winter break. Additionally, all students must remove their belongings from the residence halls for the summer.

What do I do if some of my personal belongings get damaged?

The University does not assume any responsibility for loss of property or damage to personal belongings. All residents are advised to consider personal property insurance and check with their family’s homeowner’s insurance policy for possible coverage.

How do I report a maintenance problem?

Students are encouraged to submit work orders by completing a Work Order Request via email to their respective Resident Director or they may submit them in person at the main office of their residence hall. For emergency maintenance concerns requiring immediate attention (floods, power outages, etc..), residents should contact the Resident Assistant/Community Assistant on Duty in their residence hall.

When can I move in?

Students may check-in for the semester shortly before classes begin (dates will be stated in published literature). No one is admitted prior to that time without permission from the Director Housing and Residential Life. Students granted permission for early arrival are subject to a daily charge of $26.00. Forfeiture of a student’s assigned room is effective if the occupant(s) fail(s) to officially and properly check-in by the end of the first week of classes. Another room will be assigned if one is available after that time. The occupant is still financially responsible until such time as s/he is determined to be a “NO SHOW” by his/her Resident Director.

Can I have someone visit me?

A guest/visitor is anyone not assigned to that residence hall as a resident. The resident, in person, must sign in his/her guest(s) and the guest(s) must present a valid form of Identification to Residential Life staff when being signed into the residence hall.
The ONLY forms of identification accepted include:

  • A valid and current state issued ID card
  • A valid and current Driver’s License
  • A valid and current Military ID Card
  • A valid and current Passport

Guests without valid photo ID will not be allowed to enter the residence hall. Resident are responsible for the whereabouts and conduct of his or her guest(s) during the entire visit and any damages they may cause. Guests will receive a guest pass which they must carry with them at all times. Guests found in the halls without a guest pass will be considered intruders and removed immediately. It is the responsibility of residents to ensure that they follow the Guest Visitation Policy. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action up to, and including, the removal of visitation privileges as well as other sanctions.

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