The Office of Housing, Residential Life and Community Standards is pleased to provide a NEW on-campus living option for graduate students in the on-campus Health Sciences programs.

What is the Health Sciences Living Community (HSLC)?

Located at the corner of Waldemere Avenue and Myrtle Avenue, the Health Sciences Living Community (HSLC) provides twenty (20) students enrolled in the graduate Health Sciences programs the comforts of home with all the benefits of living on campus at a low cost. Located across the street from Hubbell Gymnasium, the HSLC is only a few moments from academic buildings and includes an amazing view of Seaside Park and Long Island Sound.

Who can live there?

Students enrolled full-time in the Physician Assistant program, Chiropractic Program , Acupuncture Program or Naturopathic Medicine Program are eligible to live in the house.

What is included?

There are two types of accommodations: double and single rooms. Each student will receive a bed, mattress, desk, chair, wardrobe/closet space. Amenities include a microfridge in each room, cable TV access, internet access and free laundry in the house. Students share two (2) bathrooms on each floor with their floor mates. The house includes two (2) study/community lounges, a dining room and a full kitchen for use by those living in the house. There is limited space, on property, for parking and convenient on-street parking adjacent to the HSLC.

What does it cost?

  • Double accommodations: Two students per room, $650 per month
  • Single accommodations: One student per room, $850 per month

Housing charges are assessed on student accounts for the length of the semester at the time of assignment. Students pay Student Financial Services the monthly amount for their specific accommodation.

How do I register live there and when can I move in?

Email us at to begin the process. You will need to complete a housing license and pay a $200 housing deposit to Student Financial Services prior to being assigned to the HSLC. We will begin offering housing in the HSLC in August 2016.


  • Office of Housing, Residential Life and Community Standards

  • Seeley Hall, rear entrance
    490 Waldemere Avenue
    Bridgeport, CT 06604

  • 203.576.4228


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