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Barnum Hall, 150 Marina Park Circle, Bridgeport, CT 06604

Barnum Hall is located near Marina Dining Hall and has a fantastic view of the Long Island Sound and Seaside Park. It is located near Wahlstrom Library, as well as Seaside Park and Long Island Sound. This traditional undergraduate co-ed style residence hall offers standard double rooms with a limited number of single rooms.  Each floor of Barnum Hall offers a community lounge and a study area in addition to a game room, laundry room, community kitchen, and television lounge located on the main floor.

Eligible students: Undergraduate, co-ed
Number of residents: 185 (approximately)
Featured Living Community: Compass: Explore, Engage, Connect

Find Barnum Hall on the UB Campus Map at location 8, section G3.

Building Amenities

  • Views of the Long Island Sound and Seaside Park
  • Game room
  • Television lounge
  • Community kitchen
  • Laundry room
  • WiFi
  • 24-hour front desk security
  • Secured entrance with cameras
  • Smoke detectors with voice evacuation systems

Room Amenities

  • WiFi, plus connections for cable and hi-speed internet
  • Cable TV
  • Microfridge unit (combination of a fridge/freezer/microwave)
  • Each student receives a:
    • Closet
    • Dresser
    • Bed
    • Desk
    • Chair

Room Layout Example

Barnum Hall
Click on the image to view more details.

A Secure, Positive Living Experience

Barnum Hall’s staff consists of six Resident Assistants (RA) who are supervised by a Resident Director (RD). The staff’s goal is to integrate both an academic and residential approach to the hall community as well as assist the residents in their educational, social, cultural, and personal growth. The staff is to be used as a resource in a collaborative approach with residents to assist with the challenges of their new surroundings as well as to create a positive and academically-centered community atmosphere. Residents of Barnum Hall are expected to contribute and respect others in the hall community.  Guest Relations Associates and Campus Security manage the hall’s front desk 24-hours a day and work to coordinate the guest visitation process and serve as a resource for student concerns.


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