As a prospective tenant, you have the right to ask the landlord questions. Before signing a lease, be sure that you are satisfied with the apartment, services provided by the landlord, and the security of the unit. Before you begin your housing search it is important to determine your needs and what you can afford.

You should consider the following:

Where do you want to live?
How far do you want to be from campus, the nearest bus stop, and other conveniences?

What type of housing do you want?
Apartment – Independent rental unit within a building, separated from other units, with private cooking and living facilities.

House – Single or two-family building where the WHOLE building is for rent.

Studio – A small apartment with kitchenette, bathroom, and a living room/bedroom area

Shared Rentals – Individual room listings in houses and apartments where others already live. You will move into a situation with others you probably do not know. In most of these rentals, you and the others in the house share the kitchen, living room, and other common areas.

The following are questions you need to answer for yourself:

What size unit are you looking for?

How much can you afford for rent and utilities?
The average price for a 2 bedroom apartment in Bridgeport or the surrounding area is $800-$1000 per month, not including utilities.

How much can you afford for a security deposit?

Do you need a place to park your vehicle?

Do you want a unit that is furnished or unfurnished?

What length of a lease do you need?

How many roommates do you want to have?

Are you able to take care of snow removal and/or lawn care?

Do you want to have a pet?

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