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Acts of interpersonal violence can be traumatic and may impact many different aspects of a survivor’s life. Survivors of interpersonal violence may face challenges navigating complicated criminal justice proceedings and social service systems. The University of Bridgeport offers resource and referral information to help survivors navigate these systems and make better informed decisions. All services are free and many are confidential.

The Center for Family Justice

The Center empowers and counsels victims and survivors through emotional support, safety planning, case management services, and advocacy within medical, court, child welfare, and other systems of care through counselors trained and certified specifically in the area of domestic and sexual violence.


The Center for Family Justice
753 Fairfield Avenue
Bridgeport, CT
(203) 334-6154

Hospital Accompaniment

When a student chooses to seek medical care at a local hospital, trained advocates meet the victim at the hospital to provide emotional support and to help the victim make informed decisions. Advocates provide supportive and a non-judgmental presence and provide information about additional services and resources.

Criminal Justice System Accompaniment

Survivors can choose to have advocates attend the following events with them:

  • Law enforcement interviews
  • Court dates
  • Sentencing

Information and Referrals

Trained advocates empower victims by helping them make informed choices. They serve as a guide to the criminal justice system, offer support in completing paperwork and are knowledgeable sources of additional resources in the community.

University Student Conduct Process Advocacy

Survivors can choose to have advocates accompany them through the University student conduct process.


To request advocacy services or make a referral, please contact any of the following:


  • Gwaina Wauldon, M.S., J.D.
    Title IX Coordinator

  • Carstensen Hall
    174 University Avenue, Room 115
    Bridgeport, CT 06604

  • (203) 576-4454


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