Thinking of attending Graduate School? Career Counselors can assist you with researching specific programs, the application process, and anticipating timelines and requirements. To make the most out of your graduate school experience, it is important for you do to your research. If you are confused, or don’t know where to start…contact us!

Is Graduate School Right for Me?graduate school

  • Is a graduate degree necessary for my specific career goals?
  • Is this an area of study that I am truly passionate about?
  • Am I pursing graduate school for the right reason, or to avoid a challenging job market?
  • Am I in a financial position to attend graduate school?
  • Is now a good time to apply?

Should I go to Graduate School? (PDF)
Graduate School Timeline (PDF)

Most Common Application Materials

  • Admission Application
  • Undergraduate Transcript
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Personal Statement/Essay
  • Resume

Career Development Resources

  • Advisement with researching appropriate programs/schools
  • Assistance with the application process
  • Review of application materials (Resume, Personal Statement)
  • Interview preparation

Graduate School Tips

  • Start your research early
  • Follow application instructions
  • Categorize schools (safety, reach)
  • Prepare for entrance exams (if applicable)
  • Stay organized with application materials!

Additional Resources

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