The Center for Career Development is here to help you with the preparation of all your professional documents. Resumes, Cover Letters, References, and Thank You Notes are crucial parts of your job/internship search. We encourage you to meet with a Career Counselor for assistance with these documents.


A resume is your personal marketing tool that showcases your personal, educational, and professional qualifications to employers. The document should be designed to grab the attention of employers and entice them to learn more about you! Think of your resume as your first assignment from your new boss. You want it to stand out and be representative of the work you are capable of doing.

Check out Optimal Resume for help creating and designing your own! All you need to sign up is your UB email address and a few minutes, and you’re on your way! Be sure to submit your resume to the online Review Center in Optimal Resume so one of our counselors can check it out and make sure it’s ready for the professional world.Resume

Cover Letters

A cover letter is a one-page document allowing you to demonstrate to an employer why you are a good fit for the position and why you should be considered for hire. Some positions may not require a cover letter, however it is recommended if the position is related to communications, marketing, or any profession that relies upon you being well-spoken and having exceptional writing abilities. Your cover letter should state why you’re interested in a particular job, what you know about the company, what you can bring to the position, and what makes you unique as a candidate.

Cover Letters can also be built and reviewed on Optimal Resume. All you need to sign up is your UB email address, a few minutes, and you’re on your way (again!). Be sure to submit your Cover Letter to the online Review Center so one of our counselors can check it out and make sure it’s ready for the professional world.


Having appropriate references listed for employers to contact will help you in the competitive job market. Your references should be past or current supervisors, advisors, or professors who can vouch for your work ethic, skills, and qualifications. References should not include friends or family members. Be sure to follow proper etiquette and gain permission before using someone as a reference. This is not only polite, but will allow your references to prepare for a potential call from your prospective employer.

Thank You Notes

Thank you notes most commonly come in two forms:  email and mailed thank you cards. Writing thank you notes after each interview you attend is very important. This will not only show the employer that you appreciate the opportunity, but allow you to reiterate your strengths, continue to express your interest in the position, and make yourself stand out amongst other candidates. Try to collect business cards from each person you interviewed with. This will allow you to easily find the email or mailing address in which you will send your thank you notes.

Thank you emails should be sent to everyone you interviewed with within 24 hours of your interview. Although you may not be extremely interested in the particular employer, a thank you email should still be sent in order to maintain professionalism.

If you are extremely interested in the position, it may be a good idea to mail out thank you cards to all employees who interviewed you. The thank you card should be on blank or simple stationary. The note is typically fairly short and thanks the employer for their time and consideration.

Professional Attire

Part of your first impression as a professional is your attire. The Center for Career Development helps students with their professional attire needs by providing access to our Career Closet. Our career closet is filled with both business formal and business casual pieces for men and women. In order to be eligible to receive clothes, students must have attended at least one event hosted by the Career Development, as well as have met with a career center staff member at least once. Each student is allowed up to 3 pieces of clothing free of cost. For more information or to view our available items, please contact Career Development.

Have professional clothing you would like to donate? We accept all lightly worn men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. Drop off at anytime Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. in the Center for Career Development.

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